Month: May 2012

Tilt Shift Photography

Have you ever seen a photograph that looks like it’s of a miniature scene, with tiny buildings and figurines, but later found out that it was actually a picture of a real scene? If so, then you’ve seen tilt shift photography. Tilt shift photography is one of the fastest growing photography trends, and is becoming more accessible to photographers of all skill levels. Tilt shift photography has been featured in such high profile films as The Social Network, and apps such as Instagram have brought it to the forefront of the photography scene. Previously utilized almost solely by professionals with access to specialized lenses and equipment, tilt shift effects can now be used by just about anyone. In most basic terms, tilt shift photography is taking a real scene and making it appear miniature. An example would be photographing a real railroad and having the finished image appear as if… | Read the full article

Photography Tips

Prepare to astound your friends, family members, and potential clients by improving your photography. Taking photographs is an art that professional photographers master over a period of many years. However, you can take amazing pictures with just a bit of knowledge and expert advice. Quality Is in the Details Be vigilant about creating a routine when setting up for photographs. The needs for the particular photo shoot of the day will dictate the personal settings you choose on your camera, but much of your routine should be the same each day. Check every setting on your camera to make sure it is optimized for success. Always set the aperture and shutter speed. Set up your tripod. Be sure to check it for stability before putting a valuable camera on it. If you are going to be photographing children or animals, keep in mind that you need to be careful to… | Read the full article

Photography Jobs in Australia

There are many great jobs for photographers in Australia. If you are an established photographer, or are just starting out in the profession, there are many opportunities to make money from your craft. Choose one of the many avenues available for photography jobs in Australia. Studio Photographer Studio photographers work in studios and take portraits. These portraits include any number of clients, from engagement photos to families, maternity and baby portraits. Studio photographers must have an eye for what makes a great photo, and use their skills to create masterpieces that customers will want to buy. These jobs tend to be very sales oriented. You must be able to convince the customer to buy more prints. This jobs is great for people that enjoy working with the public and selling photo products. Journalist Great pictures make a great story. Every newspaper needs a photographer to take pictures of events as… | Read the full article

The Photography Institute

Distance learning programs enable students desiring knowledge of virtually any topic the opportunity of gaining an education anywhere in the world from the comfort of home or other environment of choice. The Photographic Institute in Australia provides budding photographers with the chance of obtaining skills that further freelance careers. The institute specializes in teaching photography through a self-paced professional course, which allows students to study and complete assignments according to individual schedules. Freelance photographers provide images to an endless array of publications, whether they are local, regional or national magazines and newspapers or Internet websites. While many online courses entail studying via paper-based coursework and video or audio technology by snail mail, the Photography Institute offers the opportunity of learning online from one of the most efficient courses on the planet. Besides utilizing the most up to date teaching technology, students have direct access to instructors via assignment submission and… | Read the full article

Photography Courses in Australia

The birth of digital photography has also given rise to the growth of the photography industry. More and more people have acquired digital cameras and taken to learning photography either as a hobby or as a potential profession. In this regard, photography schools that offer both degree programs and short courses have likewise flourished. In Australia, there is a wide range of photography subjects that beginners and professionals alike my enroll into. These courses offer specialisation areas that range from fashion photography to commercial and industrial art. Some areas also include press photography, medical and architectural photography, wedding and pre-nuptial sessions, as well as portraits. Photography courses in Australia are offered in a multitude of universities, both private and community colleges, as well as private photography institutes. Students are taught modules, the length and content of which depend on the type of courses, that involve various tasks: camera operation, light… | Read the full article

Australian Photography Competitions

There are a huge number of photographic competitions that go on about the country, and if you live and sleep with your camera, you’re probably longing to submit your own entry in one of them. We’re listing three great choices here, and this selection offers you the chance to decide whether to salute the colorful hustle and bustle of Sydney, concentrate on a given theme each month, or just pay homage to the beauty of Australia. Let’s take a look: Art and About Sydney City of Sydney Events comprises collaborators who have worked since 2002 to paint the creativity of local artists all over the face of Sydney and produce an annual event that captivates the attention of all Australians. Both professional and amateur photographers are invited to enter their favourite work evoking some aspect of life in Sydney. The photo can depict something that happens on a regular basis… | Read the full article