Month: June 2012

Time Lapse Photography

To understand the basic idea behind time lapse photography images, think about children’s flip-book images. These books sometimes portrayed a simplistic stick-man. He would seem to move as the pages turned. Each page would be drawn with slight changes to the stick-man, perhaps a moved foot, leg, or hand, so that when the book pages were flipped quickly, the stick-man would appear to be walking. If enough pages chronicled small progressive changes, then the flipping pages create a virtual mini-movie. This is very similar to the premise behind time-lapse photography. A popular use of time lapse photography is to capture growth in nature. For example, a series of photos may show a seed sprouting from the ground. The very ambitious may then further chronicle the plant as it progresses into a fully fledged flower. When the photos are taken from the same vantage point, at frequent and regular time intervals,… | Read the full article