Month: August 2012

Careers that use Photography: Police Department

Today, it’s difficult to imagine not having a camera. After all, nearly every cell phone has a camera inside, and everywhere you travel, you’re likely to see people with cameras and other photographic equipment at their fingertips. On TV, you see cameras all the time, especially on crime shows. Cameras are vital in crime scene investigations today, but do you know when photography was first used as a crime scene investigative tool? One of the first documented cases of photography being used in a crime scene was during the Jack the Ripper investigation in the East End suburb of Whitechapel in London 1888. Of course, you may laugh today to realize that photographs were often taken of the victim because it was believed that a reflection of the killer could be seen in the eyes of the victim. Today, crime scene and evidence photography is a vital part of the… | Read the full article

What Type of Camera Should I Buy?

If photography is interesting to you or it’s something you’d like to pursue as a hobby and you don’t have a camera, shopping for one can be completely overwhelming. There are various types of cameras out there, and the first thing you need to find out is what camera will meet your needs best. To simplify camera shopping, there are three general styles to choose from, including digital, point and shoot, and SLR. Here are a few basic features of each of these camera styles: DigitalĀ – If you prefer not to use film, a digital camera is a great option for you. Pictures taken with this style of camera are stored into a memory card, which you can easily transfer directly onto your computer and edit with photo editing tools, email photos directly to friends and family, post to the Internet or print on photo paper. Digital cameras are easy… | Read the full article