Month: November 2012

Insuring Your Photography Equipment

Good quality photography equipment is expensive, there’s no two ways around it. You know the impact on your bank account when you purchased it – but what about if you had to replace your photography equipment suddenly – even worse, all of it. Would you be able to? If you were faced with a situation where you needed to replace some or all of that expensive equipment in a hurry, what would you do? If you’re a professional photographer, you can’t afford to wait around and stop taking pictures. Would you settle for a cheaper, poorer quality camera – or would you forget about certain pieces altogether? Okay, take a moment to breathe – your equipment is safe (well, I hope so!), for now at least. Insuring your equipment is definitely something that all professional photographers should consider. This way, should you come into the above situation, you are covered… | Read the full article

Why You Can Never Take Too Many Photos

Is there such a thing as too many photos? I mean, really – have you ever flicked through a photo album and thought ‘I wish I didn’t take photos that day’. Sure, years ago when you spent a fortune on film, you might have said ‘I wish I didn’t take so many photos’ – but that was just a matter of cost. These days, digital photography makes it easy. Even if you did take photos you didn’t like, it’s only a matter of hitting the delete button. Whether it’s professional photography or amateur photography, you can never take too many photos. Picture this – you’ve been hired to shoot for a wedding. You are shooting away randomly when you suddenly capture the Bride’s face light up as her groom turns to compliment her. That shot may be their favourite – but because nothing specific was going on, you might have… | Read the full article

How to Frame a Photograph – Composition Techniques

You can frame a photograph in two ways. Often the first thing that comes to mind is a picture frame that you place an already printed photograph into – but you can also frame the subject of your photograph in its composition. The key to taking any great photo is the composition of the image. Composition is the process of arranging things in your shot, so that you can easily convey what you want the viewer to see. If done right, your composition will make it easier for the viewer to understand the purpose of your image. Framing is the technique of drawing the attention to the subject of your image by blocking out other parts of the image using something in the scene. It is a compositional technique which is often overlooked yet it can be the defining point of a great image. What to Use to Frame Your… | Read the full article

How to Find the Best Angle to Photograph People

Many photographers will say that portrait photography is one of the most challenging types. When doing portrait photography it can be difficult to capture the subject’s personality and essence, however, choosing the right angle can help you to do exactly that. A portrait gives the photographer the opportunity to freeze a moment in time, capturing the subject exactly as they are at that moment. The camera angle can make or break an image, changing it from an ordinary portrait to a photograph that will be cherished for years to come. One of the trickiest parts of portrait photography is trying to avoid capturing the features of a person that they dislike. If Mary doesn’t like her larger nose, she definitely won’t want to purchase a photo that emphasizes this – and tiny Tim definitely doesn’t want a portrait that makes him seem even shorter! Instead you want to emphasize the… | Read the full article

Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

When a special occasion is coming up in your life, or you want to remember or memorialize the moment, finding a photographer is your first step toward putting your memories on paper. However, depending on your scenario or need, finding a photographer isn’t always easy. For example, when looking for a photographer for your wedding, one of your first considerations is going to be regarding cost. After all, you want someone who is able to capture your most precious and candid moments while at the same time not breaking your budget. Get the best of both worlds by choosing a lesser-known photographer in your area. For example, a photographer who has just opened his or her own business is a good way to not only saving money, but finding an excellent photographer that meets your needs. Always ask to review their portfolio first! In addition, also consider hiring a student… | Read the full article

Starting up a Freelance Photography Business

For many, the appeal of a creative job like photography means being your own boss and finding your own clients – but the only way to make it lucrative is to go out there are find a constant amount of work. If you don’t want to work for a studio and you enjoy being out on your own, then a freelance career path might be the one for you. Working as a freelance photographer means you choose the clients you want to work with, you set the rates and you ultimately decide the fate of your company – whether that means to expand it later on or decide to take a different path. Starting up any business takes time and patience, but there are a few tips you can use along the way to make things a little less stressful. Here are a few factors in starting up a freelance… | Read the full article