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Photography Courses in Australia

May 10, 2012 by David Lye

The birth of digital photography has also given rise to the growth of the photography industry. More and more people have acquired digital cameras and taken to learning photography either as a hobby or as a potential profession. In this regard, photography schools that offer both degree programs and short courses have likewise flourished. In Australia, there is a wide range of photography subjects that beginners and professionals alike my enroll into. These courses offer specialisation areas that range from fashion photography to commercial and industrial art. Some areas also include press photography, medical and architectural photography, wedding and pre-nuptial sessions, as well as portraits.

Photography courses in Australia are offered in a multitude of universities, both private and community colleges, as well as private photography institutes. Students are taught modules, the length and content of which depend on the type of courses, that involve various tasks: camera operation, light device utility, props and venue approaches and selections, and many others. The more basic photography courses only require simple camera equipment and the students are trained on how to use these devices as well as some other software to enhance the photographs they have taken. For example, basic photography courses will include not only lessons in camera operations but also in using applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. The more advanced photography courses may require that students bring with them the more complicated cameras and a myriad of gadgets and accessories: high-powered lenses, camera stands, reflectors, backgrounds, lighting equipment, etc.

Among the more popular photography courses are fashion photography, travel photography, nuptials and portraiture, and real estate as well as landscape photography. In courses such as fashion and wedding photography, lessons may include setups with models as real subjects. Students will learn how to shoot in various locations and working conditions. They are also taught techniques as to what time of the day it is best to take photographs and which lighting must they work under. There are several factors involved in learning photography and these are usually addressed in all types of courses, whether they are basic or advanced. Personal camera requirements and the technical aspects combined with artistic flair are only a few of the factors that come out during the learning process. Students will inevitably learn how to troubleshoot and solve photography problems. Sometimes they are camera-related and sometimes they come out during post-processing.

There are also photography courses in Australia which offer certification. A photography course or training certification can be of great use to aspiring photographers who would like to make a professional career out of it. Some courses delve into mastering digital photography while others include training in studio work as well as developing films in darkrooms.

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