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What to Expect from a Photography Course

October 3, 2012 by David Lye

Some people have a natural ability to take amazing pictures and learn how to use the various functions on a camera, but most people feel more comfortable behind a camera after taking a few lessons or courses.Photography Class TipsThere are so many different photography courses offered, but they could be pricey and you never know if it will provide the foundation you need to get better at taking pictures. Another reason some avoid going to a photography course is that they think they are further behind in experience than those in the class. It is important to remember that photography courses are offered for people of all experience levels – whether you want to be a professional or just like taking pictures as a hobby. Here are a few things you can expect from a photography course:

Coursework – Classes or courses vary in time, so you could be in a class that lasts a few hours or up to a few weeks. Introductory classes provide a basic foundation for how a camera works and the various functions associated with the camera. In a beginning class, you will learn about the shutter functions and how to use them to improve your photography. Different shooting modes will be demonstrated, so you have a chance to practice taking pictures in a variety of settings.

Editing – A major part of many amazing photos now is the editing techniques applied to them. Some photography courses also delve into how to use photo-editing programs, such as Photoshop so you learn how to edit or enhance your photographs. If you are not experienced in computers, you might want to save a course like this for later, as you need to understand how to use computers and have a quick aptitude for learning new programs. While Photoshop is fairly basic, there are plenty of techniques and tutorials that are for intermediate or advanced learners.

Maintenance – In order to make good use of the camera, you need to know how to clean and store your device. Photography courses show you how to take care of the camera, how to manage a memory card and how to clean the lenses so you always take amazing pictures.

These are just a few features of a basic photography course. As you learn the different options and functions, you will be able to continue to more in-depth classes for even more instruction.

David Lye is co-founder of, keen amateur photographer, and avid blogger.

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