Month: November 2013

Rules, Rules, Rules

When I first got into photography I was given a Pentax K1000 for my birthday and I had no idea how to use it.  It was a long time ago and the internet wasn’t around so I couldn’t google “how do I use my SLR”, so I had to figure it out for myself.  Trial and error got me there.  I did one course at the CAE here in Melbourne, but it was about black and white processing, didn’t really help with learning how to use it.  I did read a lot, and I figured out what it all meant.   Composition was a different thing though.  I had to learn that on my own.  I had to work out what was the best way an image looked.  Then I did a beginners course at a local camera club and I learned the”Rules”.The rules that say everything must be on… | Read the full article

Finding What Inspires You

You hear the word inspiration used a lot with artists, what inspires them to paint or draw, but it isn’t a word that photographers use a lot.  We seem to have things that we love photographing and we just photograph them right?  Though there has to be something behind that, something that drives you to photograph it.  It can be called many things, inspiration, drive, passion, influence, motivation, incentive, probably many many more words that are used to basically describe the same thing.   So what is inspiration?  I found a definition when I googled inspirations the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative   Sounds easy, you will be stimulated, you will feel something, and then you will do something really creative.  I wish it was that easy, and I know for a lot of people finding inspiration can be so hard…. | Read the full article

Are You Covered

My followers know recently that I photographed a wedding, I wasn’t the main photographer, I was the second photographer with very specific requirements.  I had never met the other photographer before and, as you do, we got talking.   One of the things that came up was insurance.  I asked him if he had insurance, and he said yes, he had all his gear covered under his house and contents insurance.  That is something a lot of us have, you get special insurance on your contents that protects your gear when you are away from the house.   I replied, is that all.  He looked at me and I said, what about public liability insurance?  What about the insurance you get to cover you if something happens to all the photos you have taken?   It has not occurred to him that he would need any further insurance.  He was fairly… | Read the full article

The Grey in Between

Today I want to tell you a couple stories.  This is a story about something that has happened to me, and some things that have happened to other people, something that could have happened to you, or might happen to you. I use Nikon, I love Nikon gear and have been a Nikon person for many years now. When you get into DSLRs and choosing your gear, you do have to think about it like a life choice, because once you get the gear you want, well it is hard to change.  So I have put a lot of money into my equipement, I would hate to think exactly how much, but a lot. I know that Nikon have this thing called the Nikon Professional Services, or NPS for short.  To be a member you have to fill certain criteria, which you can find on the NPS page.  I first heard… | Read the full article