Month: August 2016

What Role Does Travel Contribute Towards Our Work?

Recently, the good folk over at fstoppers published a piece where their writer asked the question, “Do we need to travel to take better photographs?”. On the face of it, the question might sound like an incredibly simple premise – after all, “need” is a very strong word. However, when one starts to consider the wider context of the question, perhaps there is more to the proposition than meets the eye.   There is little disputing that Australians love to travel. Whether it is the alluring cultures of Europe, the mysterious appeal of Asia, the comforts of North America, or far beyond, you’ll find an Australian travelling in just about every corner of the world. What this often means, is that many Australians take for granted the marvels of their own country. But is this to be confused with a lack of curiosity? On the contrary, this trend suggests Australians… | Read the full article

Do Photographers Still Need Their Own Website?

In one of our recent blogs, we looked into the popular online advertising options available for professional photographers. While certain options like the Yellow Pages have been around for a long time, and others like Oneflare are still emerging, the predominant trend has seen Photographers opting to use Facebook (and Instagram), often in place of a dedicated website. While the rise of social media has been notable in recent years, with everyone just about owning an account, do photographers still need their own dedicated website?   In answering this question, we need to consider that despite the growing importance of social media for businesses, its use will always be angled towards an informal approach. While there are enthusiasts and followers who are likely to find it easier to browse your photography work via social media, they’re not necessarily the clients who will lock you in for a shoot without any… | Read the full article

Does Giving Away Photos Devalue the Work of Photographers?

Through our Facebook page, we recently brought you the story of one professional photographer who has turned towards giving away the majority of his photos for free. If you haven’t caught the story, and are as surprised as we were when first hearing about it, then it can be summarised as follows.   The Swiss photographer started his career working on the design side of things, often utilising the photos of others to develop his own work for clients. Sensing he hadn’t given back ‘his share’ of content towards a community which effectively helped him further his own career, he took interest in the concept of a community photo sharing website. Defying his own expectations, the photographer’s portfolio soon took on an unprecedented following, with the likes of Apple even using one of his photos. Numerous other users provided links to his website and in the process, supported the generation of new… | Read the full article

Online Advertising for Photographers – What are Your Options?

When it comes to generating new business, the digital realm has afforded professional photographers new exposure and publicity through a means of advertising that was previously not available. However, with an assortment of options on offer, how can photographers gauge whether they are getting the best return on their marketing expenditure? In an effort to help make your next marketing decision easier, we’ll now look into the main online advertising options.   Yellow Pages The iconic yellow-covered phone book has transformed itself in recent years to include an online directory and mobile app platform. Photographers can place advertisements, which are listed via the company’s online directory, voice directories, mapping sites, and all the major search engines. Advertisers may evaluate their ROI as measured by leads, listing appearances, listing interactions, and call tracking. While one complimentary listing is available per customer per address, managed services start from $18/month (without any images,… | Read the full article