Month: November 2016

Why There is Merit in Working with Others

It’s easy to think of photography as an individual industry. After all, you’re likely operating as a sole trader business, while also ‘competing’ for work against others you may never even meet. But behind this façade it’s important to learn that becoming a better photographer is often leveraged through the relationships you form while working with those around you.   On the one hand, you might be tempted to view other photographers as competitors. And in some instances, you’re right. However, if you’re looking to attract and sustain the right type of customer – that is, a loyal one – then you’ll learn that these clients often make their decision based on unique facets specific to a photographer. For example, their creative flair or personality.   In this sense because imitation isn’t necessarily desirable as a photographer when you’re trying to build your own brand, and you don’t want to… | Read the full article

When Does Travel Photography Become Exploitation

Whether it’s amateurs who love to share their holiday snaps on social media, or professional photographers who make a living going from country to country to document some of the world’s most eye opening sights and stories – many of us share a love for travelling. But this passion to explore the world often calls into question the intent of photographers when they are presented with the dark and depressing side of travelling, particularly in less developed nations. As more and more travellers look to venture off the beaten track, an increasing number of people are bearing witness to poverty and squalor. They often feel compelled to document such conditions via videos or photos, even though this may be a practice going against the wishes of locals who hardly view their living conditions as a tourist attraction. On this point, there is effectively a fine line between travel photography being… | Read the full article

How Can Photographers Boost Their Productivity

Despite technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, it seems that we’re never quite content with the extent of our own productivity. We’re always on the lookout for a way to simplify our procedures or realise efficiencies that boost our productivity. When it comes to photography, things are no different – with a few measures that photographers can adopt, one can transform their output to have a more profound impact on their business. Never underestimate the importance of planning Create a series of schedules that cater for the short-term ‘here and now’, as well as longer term plans. For instance, have a checklist that covers the daily tasks that you need to complete, while also setting about weekly or monthly goals (perhaps such things as the number of new leads, or an increased engagement in social media). For many, visual checklists or lists are easier to manage.   Short term planning should allocate… | Read the full article