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How Improved Fitness Can Help You as a Photographer

July 4, 2017 by Rene Anthony

As more and more people jump into the fitness scene in increasing numbers, there’s little doubt that the way we take ownership of our health has become a priority for many. Most however, photographers included, don’t necessarily associate or recognise the benefits that fitness can play in their profession. From the physical aspects, to the mental components, improved fitness can help you become a better photographer.


Aside from the obvious physical health benefits that come with fitness – including the lower likelihood of a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes – it can also play an important role in boosting our memory and thinking skills. Now considering photography is by no means an easy profession – particularly since you are also managing a business at the same time – keeping your mental state finely attuned is imperative to cope well under the inevitable stress. Furthermore, with the role it may play in assisting your thinking capacity, creativity is an area that can also see benefits.


But of course, there are certain sectors in the photography industry where you need to be in good shape to stay on top of everything. For example, landscape photographers, wildlife photographers, or sport photographers are just a few of the many examples where fitness is essential to ensure one can carry around all their photography gear in vast expanses as they move around. Not only this, but these photographers are often required to move their joints and muscles quickly when crouching, lying down, or standing up.


What’s more, there are no shortage of long days in the photography industry. Early starts, missed meals, lots of travel, working into the evenings, and even then, sitting in front of a computer when your day is ‘over’. In this sense, it’s important to ensure your health is in good stead. Keeping on top of your meals and remaining hydrated is essential, but sometimes in the spur of the moment when you’re engrossed with your work it’s easier said than done.


If you must shorten your meal times, look for appropriate substitutes that offer the necessary nutrients and energy you need to make it through the day. In any case, this is another reason why you should be ensuring that you keep fit in your spare time, so that you may build up your body’s strength, resistance, endurance and recovery times.


Even in sectors which are perhaps less strenuous than the likes of landscape or wildlife photography, photographers regularly need to hold cameras and heavy lenses for potentially lengthy periods of time. So even if aerobic fitness doesn’t inspire you to get up and give it a go, at the very least one should ensure they are building up the muscles in their arms, hands and fingers.


Last but not least, keeping fit is only beneficial if you’re giving your body enough rest. On this point, make sure you maintain a balanced lifestyle as much as possible, and ensure you recharge your body by getting a full night’s sleep every night.



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