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Shooting Better Maternity Photos

July 19, 2017 by Rene Anthony

Maternity photos are one of the best mediums to highlight the beauty that is pregnancy. The context is also quite a unique moment, as not only are you capturing the magnificence of an expecting mother, but you’re also responsible to portray the bundle of joy that will soon enter the world. In this sense, you’re working with a subject who is often shy and reserved about the appearance of their body at this time, and a subject who isn’t visible on camera. These considerations can make maternity photos a difficult challenge, but here are some words of advice to help the cause.



Understand What Your Client is Comfortable With

Before you start a maternity session, you should work with the mother to understand her personality and what she is comfortable with. It goes without saying that the style of maternity shots can range considerably, but ultimately, you want it to reflect the nature of the mother.

Furthermore, you’ll want to come to an agreement regarding the setting. It may be a sentimental place, or one that fits in with the style of the mother and the shoot. Often the natural beauty of the beach is a beautiful setting for maternity sessions, but if the mother is self-conscious, a private studio setting may be better suited.



Allow the Expecting Mother to Sparkle

Don’t ask the subject to pose in any manner, or show more of her body than she may like. After all, she needs to be comfortable and at ease so that the photo looks natural and shows inner beauty. Some women may feel more at ease with a comprehensive make-up and hair styling session, while also deciding what they will be wearing beforehand. Clothing should accentuate the bump, so clingy clothes – this can include dresses – are a wise choice.

What’s more, reassurances and genuine words of encouragement and praise are particularly wise so that you let the expecting mother know how beautiful she looks. But be wary, this does not translate into saying what you think she wants to hear.



Work on Creating Interesting Angles

One of the most beautiful poses that an expecting mother can strike is that where she faces the camera on an angle. Not only does this accentuate the curves of the body in a subtle and flattering manner, but we can also get a better feel for how far into the pregnancy the mother is. And with this, we start to appreciate how developed the mother’s bundle of joy is. Keep an eye out on anything else in the frame of the shot that could become a distracting point of attention. Keep it simple and the mother will naturally become the focal point of the photo.



Poses Don’t Need to be Over the Top

Understated poses and subtle variations should not be overlooked when it comes to maternity shots. While it may be incredibly common, the beauty of a mother cradling her ‘baby bump’ is a truly beautiful sight. No matter how many times it may be seen, it doesn’t diminish the elegance of the pose. Neither does the shimmering glow in a mother’s face that appears when they tilt their head to the side and down while looking at their expected child. Another one is incorporating the family in a close and joyous embrace, whether it’s siblings of the forthcoming child, pets and the hubby for good measure too.

Rather than ask the mother to pose in a variety of positions, a photographer should take it upon themselves to do the moving. With the aid of lighting, and embracing the use of angles, a photographer should be able to move around the mother and capture a multitude of shots with minimal adjustment from, or discomfort to, the subject.

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