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8 Things Photographers Hate

August 30, 2017 by Rene Anthony

Photographers are generally considered a tolerant bunch. What with an endless number of amateurs devaluing the work of professionals, patience and persistence are defining traits of a successful photographer. Having said that, there are an assortment of things that make photographers want to tear their hair out. No doubt you’ve experienced some of these, or others, but let’s glance over the worst offenders.


Hearing How ‘Easy’ it must be to Take Photos for a Living

There’s nothing easy at all when it comes to being a photographer. Boundless competition, price pressure, difficulties securing long-term clients, a general underappreciation of the industry – the list goes on. But just because a photographer happens to follow their passion and enjoy what they do, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy job.


Praise for Your Camera

This one is all too common. Photographers should and do take great pride in their abilities and their skill. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the community don’t see it that way. Instead, they see the camera as the star of the show. They’ll want to know more about the camera you’re using, or compliment how great a camera you must own. Don’t, please don’t.



Being Relied Upon When You’re Off the Job

Like everyone else, photographers appreciate their time off as much as anyone. Therefore, being invited to an event, and then being ever so kindly requested to bring your camera and take some shots is not appreciated. Once might be alright but after that, there’s a fine line.


Hearing ‘Great’ ideas

Clients often love to chime in and offer their own suggestions. This would be fine, except for one fact. The photographer behind the lens is best placed to direct the session since they’re synthesising all the elements together including the setting, style and visuals.


Photography Prohibited

This is one of those nuisances that is somewhat unavoidable. Eventually you’ll attend an event, or find yourself in a place where you’re informed that photography is not permitted. Meanwhile, look around you and everyone has their smartphones out, but you’re the only one singled out based on the sophistication of your equipment.



Client Requests

If there’s one thing that clients often don’t understand, it’s that photographers practice best judgement on behalf of their clients. So when clients ask for the full set of raw photos, or even the rejected photos from a photo session, there’s a fair chance a photographer won’t appreciate the lack of confidence in their abilities. What’s more, it’s embarrassing to see photos that have already been edited by a photographer plastered over social media with tacky filters.


Price Grievances

Just because the popup photography ‘business’ at the local shopping centre charges a penny, doesn’t mean professional photographers should devalue their own work. It’s inconsiderate to be offered trade services, nor is it appreciated when the basis of the work is questioned. And no, sending fewer shots does not necessarily mean a cheaper price.


Photography Clichés

Cliché sessions or styles have had their day. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, photographers need to differentiate their work and make a name for themselves. Therefore, no one should fall into the trap of copying others work, instead, reinvent the wheel and create something original.


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