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I want to be a photographer when I grow up

Leanne Cole - photography

This is something that you hear so many young people say. It is also something you hear a lot of adults saying as well. I get emails from people all the time saying, they have bought a digital camera, they want to learn how to use it and then become a professional photographer. If only it were that easy. This isn’t meant to put you off, but I thought we could look at some of the realities of being a photographer in today’s market. How do you go about it? What you can expect and how hard it can be potentially?   Need to be passionate about wanting to do it   First and foremost, you should learn photography and want to do it because you are passionate about it. People who decide to learn photography just because they think they could make money, may make money from it, but… | Read the full article

Profiling Feature Photographer Natasha Lesonie

This is the start of a new series where we will be interviewing featured photographers and getting an insight into them and their photography. Today we start with the first person Natasha Lesonie.   My name is Natasha,  I am a portrait photographer. How long have you been taking photos? Why did you start?   I’ve been taking photos for 7 years. It started when my first baby was born. I was eager to catch every moment of her life, hands, the passion to the photography. I quickly realized that it’s not enough just to have a professional camera but it also important to study photography as an art. Little by little people started asking me to take photo of their families. Then I received a few requests from agencies and photo magazines who wanted to use my photos for commercial advertisement and even put them on cover pages. That… | Read the full article

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