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Showing 1 - 24 of 1098

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When many think of portrait photography there’s an image which pops into the mind of the traditional family staring straight ahead sporting a uniform smile - the photo, boring. Portrait photographers these days are thinking outside of the box and coming up with some very interesting twists on what is a standard in photography.

Whether taking a group shot or capturing the essence of a single individual, the tips below are offered as a way to add some extra creativity to your portrait photos. Use one or all of the ideas and see if you don’t end up with photos to rival ones taken by the best portrait photographers in your area.

Make your portrait photography more interesting by…

1. Adjusting Eye Contact – professional portrait photographers know that one way to add drama to their photo is by directing their subject(s) to look in a different direction. Stray away from the ordinary by directing the eyes away from staring directly into the camera. The eyes can look up, down, or sideways.

2. Varying Perspective – portrait photography doesn’t have to be straight in front of the person you are shooting. Amazing results have been achieved by simply having the photo taken from a different angle. Grab a ladder and take the same shot from above; or why not get down on the ground and shoot the image looking – either one of these shots would have a much stronger impact than one that’s head on.

3. Playing With Lighting - see what happens when the light is changed. This is one of the simplest ways to add variance to a photo that portrait photographers are wise to utilize. Backlight, side-lighting, and silhouetting are all ways light can be used to create dramatic differences to the appearance of your portrait photos.

It is possible for those aspiring to become great portrait photographers and create images that are true attention grabbers. Portrait photographers are artists much like their wedding and fashion counterparts who work in other parts of the industry. Yes, you too can break the rules and create images which are sure to make you one the greatest portrait photographers around.

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