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Kensington, Victoria
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    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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About this Photographer

My name is Jay Cao and I sincerely believe that your wedding memories are stored timelessly and when you reopen them the next time, I want to take you back a trip down memory lane whether it is with your love ones or friends or just to remind yourself - the laughter, the tears, the cheer and the beers!

For those that really want to know what set me apart, I use good old fashion film to capture your memories while some may not understand the difference, please check out my portfolio and while it's hard to explain in words, I believe it looks simply 'real'.

I have a easy going attitude and a fun character, I also speak fluently in three languages (Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English) and I have been accredited as a AIPP professional photographer which means your dealing with someone who is real while puts his soul into his work and has your best interests at heart.

I look forward to engaging with you whether it's an email, phone call, sms, coffee or Whatsapp, drop me a line and I'd love to hear your story! View More...

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