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  • Raw Imageworks is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria

    RAW imageworks Melbourne wedding photography captures your day with an elegant candid style of photography to provide a comprehensive collection of unique images to the wedding couple and their family.

    RAW imageworks offer some of the finest wedding photographers in Melbourne who each have a passion for finding ways to frame the key moments at your special event.
    Our photography looks beyond simply providing images of the day's events and instead creates a series of photos that tell the complete story through pictures, and what better time is there than at a wedding, engagement or gathering for a family portrait, to discover this.
    Our Melbourne wedding photography business offers comprehensive wedding photography packages that cover your event right from the morning preparation through to even a late night reception. Our photographers love to get involved at your wedding to capture the most intimate and candid moments.

    We offer a range of wedding albums from single hand made albums and fine art books right through to a complete album package for the entire family.
    We also offer framed archival prints, canvas and wall art. We are the Melbourne wedding photography specialists.
    Our large range of wedding collection packages start from just under $1,000 and range right up to over $2,000 depending on your needs. We also understand that each event is different so we promise to work with our customers to tailor a package to suit their important occasion.

    We look forward to telling the unique story of your wedding day through our images. View More...



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    Wedding photography in Melbourne, VIC

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    January 1st, 2020
    Alex never provided us with the album we paid for, sent a substitute in for the photography on our wedding day, citing a family emergency which I sympathized with at the time but now I'm sure it was another lie. We took ages just to get the USB off him ith the photos. Alex lied a number of times about this.. " that we posted last week, should arrive this week".. when it finally arrived months later, we could see the edited dates on each photo.. they'd been edited after he said he'd sent them to us. Can't believe we got conned on our wedding day, you just don't think it'll happen to you... don't use this guy!


    May 13th, 2017
    Worked as a substitute photographer for a ceremony for Alex, 12 months ago, still haven't been payed. Thanks a lot. Hope this review helps. / inc the fact that he has not replied for 4 months till I informed him I'm about report him to the police. I STILL HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE IN MY PHONE text messages, also from the bride and etc. hope your business going well Alex! Have a nice day.

    Melbourne Wedding

    April 28th, 2017
    I would have to agree with Brad on his experience. Once you have paid Raw Imageworks the deposit they have limited interest in ensuring you are happy with the photos, product and output. I was even extorted at one point and asked to post a positive review in order to get some of the bad photos fixed, which I resisted. The photos themselves fell just on the OK or bad side, family and friends had actually taken more beautiful photos than the photographers. The photo album was not particularly nice and you could get something printed online for better quality.

    Brad Coulson

    October 5th, 2016
    Horrible. Unreliable. Non-responsive. Undeniably the worst part of our wedding experience by a long shot. We were married in October 2014 and purchased the "Extravagance" package, and still today (5 April 2016) we've only been provided the digital photos. They didn't arrive until March 2015. Worth noting for anyone that might be considering using RAW Imageworks - Alex doesn't design the albums - it's apparent that it is done by a third party, and it's a horrible experience. You will never convince me that moving photos around on pages is a process that takes months. Be prepared to be told that the printer/designed is being "chased up" - if you ever get a response. Unfortunately, whilst Alex was nice enough to get along with leading up to and on our wedding day, it's the lack of action after the event that caused us to lodge an application to the VCAT Civil Claims List, in January 2016. This was deemed necessary by us, as we had become totally fed up with the amount of time the whole process is taking, and lack of delivery of the products we have agreed to in our contract. Long story short, we obtained a full refund from Alex prior to the VCAT hearing date. Unfortunately, this doesn't replace the heartbreak of having nothing to physically show, or gift to, our families. Instead we now have to pursue creating albums ourselves. For anyone considering using RAW Imageworks for their wedding photography - we urge you to reconsider. RAW Imageworks is highly competitive from a pricing and inclusions perspective, but if you want professionalism, attention to detail, quality, and communication you need to look elsewhere. Don't be fooled by all of the 5 star, positive reviews - upon closer inspection you'll realise that the majority are not legitimate. Please don't make the same mistake we did. Don't choose RAW Imageworks for your wedding photography.

    Testimonials Submitted by the photographer

    Brian & Shelley 2012,

    Thank you for doing a brilliant job capturing our big day on camera. We loved the photos & will recommend you to all of our friends

    ​Mark & Susan 2012,

    We couldn’t be happier with the team at RAW imageworks Their enthusiasm for their work made our wedding all the more enjoyable.”

    Nikhl 2012,

    The images were absolutely breathtaking. Thanks again to RAW imageworks for your fabulous work. ​Much appreciated.

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