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Brisbane, Queensland
3 out of 5 from 3 reviews.
  • Luke Ballard is a professional photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland

    Leaders in photography workshops in Australia, Remember Forever currently offer 14 different workshops plus advanced programs, masterclasses and specialist events so that every camera owner - from beginner to professional - have the opportunity to learn, increase skills, take better photos and have a wonderful time.

    Remember Forever have dedicated staff in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast and are part of the only network in Australia - the Remember Forever group - to offer services in all these locations. More locations are planned for Cairns, Adelaide and Darwin as well as overseas.

    Remember Forever courses provide you with a hands-on and fun, interactive experience to take the mystery out of using your camera and ensure that you take amazing photographs every time. View More...



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  • Reviews (3)

    Kaitlin MacLean

    November 2nd, 2016
    If i could leave a 0 star review, I would. I purchased and unlimited class pass from this company in the winter of 2015 entitling me to unlimited classes until the summer of 2016. To date, I have signed up for 10 classes of which 9 have been cancelled (11/25/15, 12/5/15, 12/17/15, 1/21/16, 4/7/16, 4/27/16, 5/7/16, 5/19/16, 5/26/16) and the one that was conducted started late and ended over an hour early. I have tried reaching out to this vendor via email 14 times and by phone twice and have received no response from them despite many attempts. Remember Forever Photography continues to allows students to register for classes and cancels them with little to no notice and clearly no refunds. Buyer beware DO NOT purchase anything from this company. I've reached out to GroupOn as well as Remember Photography sells their services on their site. I have reached out to and filed complaints with the Australian Competitions and Consumer commission, The Office of Fair Trading/Department of Justice and Attorney-General, The BBB and The Attorney Generals Office (MA). I strongly suggest you do the same. I have also reached out to groupon about this businesses shady business practices as they are still listed as a vendor on their website. I have sent many emails to Luke himself and have nor revived a single response from him. Have I mentioned buyer beware?


    May 22nd, 2015
    This course is great for a new beginner or someone wanting to consolidate their own newly learnt skills, and from what i understand talking to my instructor, Grant no longer works for Remember Forever photography. I thoroughly recommend.

    Jane Taas

    November 2nd, 2013
    I purchased two workshop specials; People, Children and your Family (9am-12pm) and Places, Landscapes and Travels (3pm-6pm) for Brisbane Saturday 2 November 2013. I lasted only 1 hour, before walking off. I did not even bother with the latter workshop, knowing that Grant would also be the tutor for that one. I did not want to waste my time with someone who clearly had no people skills and just did not care enough to provide people with a service that they had paid for that being, guidance and expertise on how to take good photos. I found Grant to be arrogant, incredibly rude and completely unprofessional. After 30 minutes of rambling and showing pictures on a tablet, he instructed the group to split up into pairs and take photographs of each other. I saw many individuals within the group struggling to even use their dslrs, let alone, know how to compose a good shot. I dont claim to be an expert, but I do know and understand the basic fundamental elements of photography composure, rule of thirds, aperture, shutter speed and ISO etc. There were at least 20 people in the group, with many being older citizens who did not understand the jargon and babble that was coming out of Grants mouth. One such example, was when someone asked Grant, what is ISO? The scientific definition bullshit he provided, Im sure would have confused more people. So it was while people were taking photos, I chose to stay back, to which Grant started to converse with me. It started innocently enough, but I am still quite shocked and surprised at how quickly Grants demeanor changed, and how easily defensive he became after asking ME for MY opinion on how his workshop was going. I told him that, as a basic photography class, he should probably spend a bit more time in explaining what aperture, shutter speed and ISO is, and how they are all inter-related. To which he replied, Well maybe you should be the instructor then, and some people just cant be taught which to me, indicates that he did not care at all, and his attitude and his delivery, and lack of attention proved that. I purchased a service, and I was very much looking forward to these workshops, expecting to learn something of value that would add to my photography skills NOT to be patronised, insulted, and humiliated in front the class, especially strangers. Please inform Grant that if he cant take constructive feedback, then he shouldnt bother asking people for their opinion. Grants arrogance in telling me that he was a photographic journalist does not really impress me. Very happy for you Grant. You may know how to take photographs, and like you said, you have no problems with sticking your camera lens into other peoples faces. That comment alone, speaks volumes. You may know your content, but not everyone can teach in a manner that is fun and informative, which makes you Grant, a shit teacher. I actually had to ask for his name, so I knew who I could complain about, as he never introduced himself to the group at the beginning of the workshop. On a more positive note, after leaving a complaint voice message on the mobile phone provided via Remember Forever Photography website; I received a phone call from a wonderful lady named Jacqueline within 30 minutes. First and foremost, I am absolutely impressed with how Jacqueline handled my complaint, and she is definitely an asset to the company. If it were not for Jaquelines professionalism and sincere apologies, I would have ensured that every photographic forum and social media channels, and photographic reviews I knew; would know about the complete crap service I had just endured with Remember Forever Photography. Jacqueline informed me that she was usually the tutor for the workshops that I had just walked out off, but for some reason, she was replaced by Grant. Bad business move. I can assure you, that if Grant is not replaced, I wont be surprised if you get more complaints in the future. I dont usually complain. I am not difficult to deal with, but as you can imagine, I was completely enraged at how I was spoken to by Grant, so much so, that I was shaking. I commend Jacquelines ability to diffuse my situation, and actually managed to calm me down and offered to provide her services at such short notice. Most people dont care enough to fix the issue on the spot and choose to offload it to someone else; so I was relieved and pleasantly surprised to find that you do have decent staff at Remember Forever Photography. I found Jacqueline to be very friendly, apologetic, very efficient, and above all, professional all this from a simple phone call. Jacqueline mentioned that she could organise other workshops for me, where she would be the tutor. I look forward to meeting with her and enjoying my future workshops with a friendly professional.

    Testimonials Submitted by the photographer

    Scott M.,

    Really enjoyed the night photography workshop and learnt loads. Much thanks to Emma and Luke!

    Lindy F.,

    We had a FANTASTIC time tonight at the workshop, I learnt so many things about my camera that I never knew.

    Margo R.,

    I had a great time and learnt so much about my camera on manual settings. Very happy with the last photos I took and look forward to doing another workshop, Margo

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