Robert Rimmer of HouseGuru Adelaide Central Shortlist Photographer

Adelaide, South Australia
4.5 out of 5

When selling or promoting your home you will significantly increase your potential buyers interest by using a Professional Real Estate Photographer.

My images regularly appear in Advertiser Newspaper Editorials and SA Life magazine.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, 20 years customer service and photography experience.

Low rates, great photographs and personalised service. Packages start at only $120.00. (Most other companies charge the equivalent of approximately $220.00.) Floor plans and descriptive scripts available for your convenience.

You are welcome to call me directly, or simply insist that your chosen Real Estate Agent use my services for your property. The choice is up to you.

If you simply, easily, absolutely want to make maximum impact with your sales campaign, call me today.
My clients are some of the most successful agents in Adelaide.
I am utilised by Real Estate Agents, Builders/Renovators, Kitchen Suppliers and the general public.
1981 - 20m breathstroke award. St Agnes Primary Swimming class. (Joking!)

Real Estate Agent Client SMS, Large City RE Company
Hey there Rob, Photos look fantastic as always, the vendor has called you a magician! They mentioned how professional and friendly you were last night at the shoot and love the pictures. Very happy, thanks.

Private Vendor Email,
Hi Robert, Thank you so much for the fabulous job you have done photographing our home to it's best advantage, they are stunning. We could not have imagined the old place could look that good. Thank you also for the CD, we have a wonderful momento to take with us. From a very happy K and M.

Private Vendor SMS,
Hi Robert, Our house sold after 1 open. Thanks for the great photos which I believe were a great help. Regards, P.G.

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