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Darwin, Northern Territory
5 out of 5 from 3 reviews.

Welcome to Speshal Moments Photography. I am a Professional, self taught Photographer who has been in the Media industry since 2001 and born and bred in Darwin, NT, Australia.

What I can say if that I absolutely LOVE natural light and outdoor photography. I am currently a Army Reserve Photographer who's portfolio is quite vast from general Media events including photographing the PM to general photo shoots with soldiers and Civilian persons. I have ventured out of this field in creating my own Photography Business as I love the outdoors and how it portrays in the images I produce.

My Photography Portfolio ranges from Newborns, Children, Families, Weddings to Corporate Clients.

I do not specialise in studio type photo session, I specialise in taking images in a natural surrounding such as the outdoors.

As the mother of 5 beautiful children I understand the importance in photographing our families in their natural surroundings rather than to stage a photo, as this is not my style.

I regularly upload images from different media, fundraising and family photo sessions to my Facebook Page (Speshal Moments Photography), so please check it out to view a larger range of my portfolio.

My images have been published in the NT News, Sydney Morning Herald, Adelaide Adveriser, Defence News, Combat Magazine, and are also used by atopic Ministers as part of their Media Releases. I have also had my work headhunted by Thats! Life magazine in 2013 for their 1st publication.

I provide a very personal service and insist on meeting with my clients before the session to ensure what my clients are after out of their images is what I relay in the production of my session.

I provide a very exclusive newborn style of photography which no other local photographer provides and is unique to Speshal Moments.

If you like my style of Photography please contact us for a quote and I can assure you won't be disappointed. Please ensure you list your email, name and contact details within the comments field or I will not be able to contact you back due to the new settings of this site.

Thank you :)
~ Northern Territory Police, Fire & Emergency Services
~ NT Airports
~ Department of Defence
~ FreeStyle Stunt Squad
~ Thats Life! Magazine
~ Sitzler Baulderstone Joint Venture
~ Belle Fille Beauty
~ Ducks Nuts, Bar & Grill
~ Hamish & Andy "Caravan of Courage Tour Aus -v- NZ"

Vaughan & Renee - October 2013,
Hi Sandi We loved the photos, they bring back so many wonderful memories. You have captured some of the most amazing moments Vaughan and I will ever share, and for this we are so thankful. Vaughan & Renee

Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Very Good photographer

Reviewed on 22/06/2016

Fantastic service, highly professional photographer. Absolutely beautiful images. Thank you.

Reviewed on 20/11/2014

Michaela McDermott
AMAZING... Don't go anywhere else if you are looking for a photographer who captures the essence of beauty. Not overpriced, yet delivers quality like no other.

Reviewed on 17/11/2013

Very Good photographer

Reviewed on 22/06/2016

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