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Sports Photographers
The job of a sport photographer is one that is constantly filled with action and drama. There is movement going on all around, different shots to be captured, all of it pure action. We depend on sports photographers to capture our eye and take us right into the heart of life. What you may not have known is the specific skill level it requires to become one of those sport photographers you see at every professional sporting event.
Below are some hints professional sport photographers know which can help amateurs take better shots even with less expensive equipment. Here a few ways to snap better photos of three completely different types of sports.
Sport photographers almost always love to shoot on the golf course. While the action is always occurring, most of it occurs at a pace that is not difficult to capture with at simple point-and-shoot camera. Two important tips for taking golf sports photos: 1. always use a faster speed of film on days when clouds abound. 2. Only snap photos once a player has already hit the ball to avoid being a distraction.

Amateur sport photographers will have a greater chance of getting a professional looking shot at a cycling event. Like the professionals, it is critical to pick a good spot to set up for your optimum shot. The best place to shoot will be after a bend in the track; on a bend the players will have to slow down and lean to navigate the turn in the road – this is an awesome spot to capture a really cool image with a telephoto lens as the riders round the corner together.

Tennis is a tricky sport to get on film. While at first glance the game may seem slow, sport photographers know that Tennis is an extremely fast-paced game. Timing is the most important thing to remember when capturing images of tennis player. You’ll want to use a tripod to stead the camera as you anticipate the exact moment that racket and ball will make contact in order to snap your shot.


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