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Darwin, Northern Territory
5 out of 5

Hello All,

my job is to show you great photos of yourself and others. I do all quality Weddings, architecture & Portraiture photography. Over 14 years full time in the photography game of showing people the best possible quality photos for themselves or market your brand or event.

Also I really enjoy business Social Media management and love building websites with my images to look clean clear and concise message.


Oliver Thompson

[email protected]

0424 732 929

Wedding Photography
Advertising Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
Family Photography
Baby/Children Photography
Model Composites Photography
Fashion Photography
Embella Designs online shop/web
Dididylicious online shop web
Bremer Island | Web | Flyers | Design 2013
Darwin RSL | Web |Print |Staff Headshots 2014
RPArchitects | Architecture | Website Development 2013
Darwin Holiday Shop | Stock Images |Website Development 2013
Next Step | Comp prep and personal training | Website Dec 2012
SKAL Event | Darwin Tourism Community
The State of Magaya| Documentary
Model Portfolios
Past Commissions
Puma Energy
ABC before/after photos of Vic Hotel
Magnum workshop| Foto Fero | Official Hanger | Photographer 2012
Daly River Merrepen Arts Festival | 2011 Documentary
Paul Arnold | Stock Images 2011
Stick fighting | Documentary 2011
Komodo Dragons | Documentary 2011
Hamilton Island Photography |Website Gallery Management | L'Oreal Paris product Director of Photography (5 products) | IGA | Pfizer |1000s of Shoots People, Ariel, Real Estate, Portraits, Fashion 2009
Club Med | 100s of Shoots, Portraits, Weddings, Commercial & Events 2008
World DJ.com|1000s of Music events | Website Development 2003-2016
Sale Signs | Photographer |Sales and Marketing Business Owner 1993-99
The only competition I enter every year is the
World Press Photo for personal projects.

Rebecca Ing, Paul Arnold Gallery Manager
"Oliver is bubbling over with ideas and has the drive and social skills to be able to implement them from start to finish. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge and experience with those he works with. I learned a great deal from him and grew professionally under his guidance."

RenÃ-Paul van Leeuwen, RPArchitects
"The chemistry he creates in the team, eye for detail and emotions captured always results into pure satisfaction"

Industry Affiliations
APS - Australian Photographic Society
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Thompson Photography

, Darwin, Northern Territory

0424XXXXXX + Click To Show Full Number

Wedding Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
Model Composites Photography
Baby/Children Photography
Advertising Photography
Family Photography
Fashion Photography
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