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Atherton, Queensland

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Portrait - Family or Corporate
Wedding Photography
Baby Bumps
New Born
Natural Light

Awards so far:
HRSOP Best Photo - Personal Choice
HRSOP Best Photo - Low key lighting
HRSOP Best Photo - Macro
HRSOP 3rd place overall

I am a Atherton Wedding Photographer and Vivid Image Photography VIP would love the opportunity assisting you with you or your photography requirements. VIP are a speciality photography business and we focus on family and wedding photography, personally I like the casual, relaxed outdoors approach but the choice is entirely yours.

You can choose between studio, a fun location shoot at your local beach, park, favourite winery or special location, or simply be comfortable in the surrounds of your own home. VIP's aim is to work with you to capture the essence of your personality.

If you choose to have your photo shoot at an outdoor location, I would like to suggest to plan for the late afternoon, the light is softer and will produce a much more pleasing result. VIP aim to create images for you that you that you will treasure for years to come, so dress up, down or funky, whatever your preference, let your hair down and have some fun.


VIP have a range of photography packages available, please refer to my prices or I can tailor a package suited to your wedding day. All packages include high resolution, retouched photos (digital images).

Wet Weather Guarantee

VIP offer a 'Wet Weather' guarantee to ensure your photos meet your expectations. We all pray for a beautiful sunny wedding day but sometimes they just don't happen, so if your special day is completely rained out and we are unable to get the photos you desired I offer a FREE bridal shoot for the rained out couple on sunny a day after their wedding. The bridal couple get to dress up all over again and pose for those special photos.

My album packages include beautiful Queensberry Albums.

For couples who don't want to receive gifts for their wedding, Vivid Image Photography offer a Wedding gift voucher service where guests can purchase gift certificates in the bridal couple's name, all proceeds to go towards the bridal couples' wedding photography. View More...

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Vivid Image Photography
29 Tower Ave , Atherton, Queensland
0438XXXXXX ( + Click To Show ) 0438568121

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