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Fremantle, Western Australia
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    • Variety WA
    • The Sunday Times
    • Perth now
    • The Fremantle Herald
    • The motherhood project


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    Gaye , Pierce
    Natalie has been taking photos of our & her family for many years & I have never been disappointed with her work. Highly recommended.

    Ashayla , Webster
    I love working with Natalie. She's very friendly and I always feel comfortable. Her work is stunning and if you ever have the chance to shoot with her, you really should

    Sandra , Panossian
    Natalie is such a great artist. She is very relaxed, but professional. She put my son at ease and captured some great shots. I would 100% recommend her.

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About this Photographer

A light chaser with an eye for the little things, Natalie is a professional Lifestyle Photographer who has dedicated her 7 year career to documenting the ordinary interactions which become fleetingly extraordinary.

Throughout her career she has been published internationally and locally for both fashion portraiture and her many charitable contributions that span from books to lending time advertising for organisations such as Variety WA.

Natalie attributes her success to authentically honouring the memory of her late uncle who gifted her the camera that started her passion for chasing light.
Because every moment is important from the first to the last
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