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    • WPPI 2015 Silver Award
    • WPPI 2015 Silver Award
    • WPPI 2015 Silver Award with distinction
    • WPPI 2016 Silver Award
    • Focus 2015 Awards Bronze x 6
    • Epson International Pano awards 2015 Bronze x6
    • Better photography Bronze award 2016 x 12
    • Better photography Silver award 2016 x 1
    • AIPP 2017 Silver award
    • Over 50 International Awards


    Lia and James,
    Ana was an absolute delight to have buzzing around on our wedding day! And buzz around she did! She worked so hard and was in all of the right places to capture all the right pictures. Ana was a smiley, calm and positive presence from the morning getting ready all the way through to the party late in the evening! And... The photos are PERFECTION! Thankyou Ana for your hard work and dedication to getting magical shots for us of our perfect day! I'm so glad it was you we had there with us! Love Lia and James

    Khatera and Masood,
    Ana was fantastic during our special day. She was full of energy and helped up capture all the perfect moments. she was very easy to work with and we were so surprised with the short turnover of the preview photos, which were amazing, very happy with them. We are cannot wait to receive them. Thank you so much Ana, definitely made the right choice.

    Natalie and Rocky,
    The service that Ana provided was above and beyond. Professional and imaginative with every shot and when we saw the pictures our minds were blown. Even when we getting tired and over it she kept pepping us up and making it all worth it. Especially after seeing the pictures! She was there from early in the morning when we were getting ready to right up until the reception finished. My bridal party and guests all commented on how lovely and professional she was. Would recommend 100%!!! Thank you so much Ana!

    Industry Affiliations

    • ACMP - Australian Commercial and Media Photographers
    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
    • PPAQ - Professional Photographers Association Queensland
  • Reviews

    No Reviews Yet

    Be the first to let others know about your experience with
    Serenity Photography Studios.

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About this Photographer

Award winning Fine Art wedding photography. Serenity Photography Studios offers stunning wedding photography service with years of experience and professional accreditation in the industry. We create beautiful artistic images that tell your unique story.

Thank you for stopping by, my name is Ana, I am the founder and main photographer at Serenity photography studios.
After over 10 years as a professional photojournalist and landscape photographer I discovered passion for wedding and family photography. My style is candid, full of personality and spontaneous emotions that bring pictures to life.
I believe all people are unique and beautiful and as a photographer I try to capture that special something that distinguish person from everyone else. When I work with clients I get to know them, I want to learn their story and often develop a friendship which makes working together very easy and helps people to relax and show their personality. I appreciate clients trust in my vision and ideas but am always open to create anything people are looking for.
Photography is my life, I just can not wait for the next opportunity to photograph. This is something that streams in my blood, so if you are after a professional who lives and breathes photography, who will go an extra mile to achieve great result, who will experiment, explore, share their creative insight and go on adventure with you, than you came to the right place.
Photograph - it is a moment unscrupulously stolen from time: loud, surprising, breathtaking or gentle, intimate, delicate. Photograph tells a story, transmits an emotion and it is my job to document it. I enjoy creating beautiful art full of feelings: love, happiness, passion, freedom, gratitude, kindness, bliss.
I am known and loved by my clients for the unique style I developed over the years: I incorporate my experience and an eye for a stunning landscape to create vibrant, captivating, dramatic but yet natural shots that would decorate your wall as a piece of fine art where you are a star. Feel free to browse through my portfolio to see the variety of work, lighting and results that I believe speak for themselves.
I am based in Sydney but can also travel interstate or to a location of your event. Just tell me what you want to achieve and we will work together to make it happen. View More...

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