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Margate, Tasmania
4.5 out of 5

I have always been happy with a paintbrush, pencil or camera in my hand and since having children photography has become my creative outlet. With 4 gorgeous kids I can't help but take photos, but my love for seeing things in interesting ways developed way before children came my way!

I have a bachelor's degree in Fine arts and a teaching diploma also. My children, my home and my camera have become my 'work' these days!

With my husband David and our girls we have lived in the Falkland Islands, Upstate New York, and Mexico. But now we're back in beautiful Tasmania.

I love doing what I do‚?¶ watching a story unveil around me and trying to capture you and how you love. I love photographing people and I'm passionate about photography that celebrates love and life.
2013 Highest scoring wedding album
2013 Runner Up AIPP Tasmanian Wedding photographer of the Year
2012 AIPP Tasmanian wedding photographer of the year
2012 AIPP Tasmanian wedding album of the year
2011 AIPP Tasmanian wedding album of the year
Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Wedding Photography
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