Ben Johnson of Capture Point Media Shortlist Photographer

South Yarra, Victoria
4 out of 5

Capture Point Media is a full service photography and video production company. Our successful track record with high profile clients covers the architectural, retail, design, construction, government, events and major projects industries.

Our creative team has extensive industry knowledge and the technical expertise that allows us to consistently produce high-end architectural images, innovative long term time-lapse and branded content videos as well as creating engaging imagery for a variety of digital platforms.

We create spectacular imagery that's regularly featured in corporate marketing collateral, branding assets and identity, press releases, advertising campaigns, editorial publications, websites, mobile apps and social media campaigns. We are recognised as a leading service for marketing and event professionals, project managers, architects, developers and government corporate services.

We're driven by a daily philosophy of creativity, a true love of producing flawless imagery and stunning video content in an exciting environment. We are well known for consistently deliver high quality photographic images and capturing incredible moments that consistently exceed our valued client's highest expectations.
Industry Affiliations
Architectural Photography
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