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Mount Lawley, Western Australia
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Giselle Natassia is a concept-driven photographer specialising in advertising, documentary and entertainment photography. She has studied a BA in Creative Advertising Design and a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Photomedia. Her studies have been conducted at four universities, spreading over three different continents across the globe. She has exhibited worldwide, featured in a variety of journals and magazines and was National Geographic's Photo of the Week in July 2012. Although relatively new to the scene and still honing her craft, she has won numerous awards both home and abroad. Constantly oscillating between dark and colourful themes, her skills best present themselves in the fusing of morbid, bizarre, romantic and tragic themes. Slightly less perverse than fetish and more extreme than fashion, Giselle's macabre-glamour approach to photography is sure to raise eyebrows and appeal to those with an eye for the unusual. When without her camera (or Photoshop), Giselle is busy slaying zombies in various video games.

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Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) - Finalist - Photography 2013
International Loupe Photography Awards - Silver Award in Illustrative - 2012
Mini Space - 2nd Prize winner - Make a Splash Contest - 2012
Perth Advertising & Design Awards - Student Photographer of the Year -2012
Travel Photographer of the Year - Finalist - Celebration Category - 2012
International Photo Awards - Honourable Mention People/Culture - 2012
Dope Awards - Photography - 2012
National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - Finalist
Photography - Highly Commended -Belmont Photographic Art Exhibition 2012
Moran Photographic Prize - Semi-Finalist - 2012
Brunswick Melbourne Art Prize - Acquisition Award - 2012
Better Photography Magazine - Silver Award in Emotive Portaits - 2011
Better Photography - Bronze Award in Creative Flair - 2011
National Campus Art Prize - Special Mention and Highly Commended - 2011
International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention - Beauty - 2011
International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention - Promotion - 2011
International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention - Music- 2011
International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention - Special - 2011
Iris Contemporary Portrait Award - Finalist - 2011
International Aperture Awards - Bronze 2010
Photography - 2nd Prize - Belmont Photographic Art Exhibition 2010
Photography -Sister City Award- Belmont Photographic Art Exhibition 2010
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Giselle Natassia - Photographer

76 Whatley Crescent, Mount Lawley, Western Australia

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Advertising Photography
Wedding Photography
Fashion Photography
Glamour Photography
Event Photography
Portrait Photography
Public Relations Photography
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