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There is a certain type of photography that really makes more sense to be done in-house. Going on location is a lot more glamorous for many photographers, but many of the photography projects that a professional photographer will do can only be done at a studio. Studio photographers will tell you themselves about the increased amount of control they have within the walls of a studio which just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

For studio photographers who haven’t yet acquired the funds to acquire their own studio for shoots, the option of renting one exists.

If you are going to rent a studio for your photos, you’ll need to choose one of the two styles listed below:

Floor Based Studio – in this type of studio, the lighting will be held up by light-stands and background supports. Although the lighting equipment is lightweight, it can make a for a cluttered work environment. This option usually costs a little bit less to build because lighting is portable.

Ceiling Based Studio – with this style of studio, the lighting is secure to a track system which extends out from the ceiling. Because of the convenience, product photographers and others renting studios will often choose this option.

Speaking of product photographers, almost all of their shoots occur inside of studio due to the nature of the work. When a product photographer is taking photographs of a company’s product line, the images need to be clear, crisp, and professional looking. These photos, after all, will be used to help generate sales and thereby impact profitability (either positively or negatively). Product photographers working in a studio will be able to take advantage of the increased control they have in doors. Things like lighting, which you have no control of outside, can be manipulated in a million different ways inside of a studio.

At the end of the day, product photographers will more than likely spend the bulk of their careers taking pictures within a controlled atmosphere of either a floor or ceiling based studio. If a photographer wants to spend more time outside than in, I suggest he or she switch over to landscapes.


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