Infrared Photography

  1. Infrared Photography

    April 19, 2012 by David Lye

    Over the past 40 years, infrared photography has evolved from a fledgling pursuit to the new choice for progressive photographers. If you are skilled at it, you will find many opportunities to use this medium to either expand your artistic skills or to improve your income as a professional photographer. When you use infrared photography, you will be creating images by using the infrared light striking your subject, and since this light is invisible to the naked eye, your image will literally show you things in a new light. How to Get Started Although the use of digital technology makes it possible to do infrared photography, you should not assume that it is easy to do at least when you first start. For one thing, you will need to use special equipment like the Hoya R72 digicam for infrared photography. However, if you do not want to learn about the… | Read the full article