Chromatic Aberration

Say No To Chromatic Aberration!


I must admit to being a Facebook junkie…but purely for professional purposes of course. The ability to see new landscape images from so many talented photographers around the world, often on the same day the image was captured, is incredibly inspiring and just an amazing way to connect with a worldwide community. But one thing that surprises me is how many good, and sometimes very good, photographers fail to correct chromatic aberration (CA) in their images. It surprises me because it is such an easy thing to correct, and because CA can turn an otherwise excellent image into an eyesore. Chromatic aberration arises when a lens fails to focus the different wavelengths of incoming light onto the same plane (the camera sensor), resulting in unsightly coloured fringes in an image. These fringes also makes images appear soft, and additional sharpening to offset the problem only results in sharper colour fringes…. | Read the full article

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