Is Imitation the Best Form of Flattery?

Happy New Year everyone, hopefully you all had a great time over the break and are ready to get stuck into the year ahead.   Back in November I did a post on Finding What Inspires You, I talked about many different ways to find inspiration, and one of the ways that artists are taught to find it is to look at the work of others.  We try to get inspired from what others are doing and see if we can put some of that into our own work.   When I was at art school we were encouraged to copy the work of others and try to do exactly what they did, so we could learn.  I did some of that, though much of what I did never came off as well as the masters.  It was a great way to learn.  One lecturer used to say it to us… | Read the full article

When Does it Belong to Me

Recently I have been getting lots of inquiries about images that I have on my blog and if they are for sale.  The easy answer would be that everything is for sale, so I thought I could set up my own stock image library.  Then as I was working out what I could put up and what not, it suddenly started to occur to me, what is really mine to sell.   I know that I own the copyright on my images, but where is that line on what I can take and what I can sell.  I know that if you take photos in any of the parklands in Victoria that are looked after by Parks Victoria then they won’t let you sell the photos.  You can’t make money from their parks unless you pay them a lot more money.  I don’t know if I agree with this or… | Read the full article

The Grey in Between

Today I want to tell you a couple stories.  This is a story about something that has happened to me, and some things that have happened to other people, something that could have happened to you, or might happen to you. I use Nikon, I love Nikon gear and have been a Nikon person for many years now. When you get into DSLRs and choosing your gear, you do have to think about it like a life choice, because once you get the gear you want, well it is hard to change.  So I have put a lot of money into my equipement, I would hate to think exactly how much, but a lot. I know that Nikon have this thing called the Nikon Professional Services, or NPS for short.  To be a member you have to fill certain criteria, which you can find on the NPS page.  I first heard… | Read the full article

Finding a Place for Fine Art Architectural Photography

When I look around the internet at articles on photography there is always an abundance of articles on photographing landscapes, portraits and weddings, but architecture is an area that seems to be almost forgotten.  It isn’t totally forgotten, but it certainly doesn’t get as much attention as the others.  Most people think of Real Estate when they think of architectural photography, but there are other types, and there are certainly other uses. Architecture has been used in artwork for hundreds of years.  Aristocrats would commission artists to do a painting of their homes, or their very large castles.  Castles have been featured in the artwork of so many painters, and today it is still a popular subject for artists and photographers.  So is their a place in the world for professional photographers/artists who want to photograph beautiful architecture for clients who want wonderful images of homes and work spaces that… | Read the full article

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