Photography Courses

The Lessons About Photography

If there is one thing that years and years of practicing photography helps us understand, it is ourselves and the wider industry we work in. Of course, along the way there are a multitude of technical facets that we learn to craft, but the holistic observations are far more pertinent to the success of our business and our career. These are some of the important lessons about photography. Real World Experience Makes All the Difference Although there is some merit in taking a course and studying photography, nothing quite compares with the reality of the job. There are endless variances in what you learn in a class room compared with being out amongst the elements, not to mention, schools don’t quite prepare you for the business side of things and dealing with clients. Love What You Do It might sound cliché but if your heart isn’t in it, then you… | Read the full article

Do Photography Schools Form a Valuable Contribution to Your Career?

While photography schools have been operating for some time, there’s little doubt their importance continues to divide photographers. On the one hand, there is a firm camp of believers who support the view that the best way to learn photography skills is through hands on experience, as well as plenty of practice – including learning from mistakes. Conversely however, there’s an equally supportive group of photographers who argue schools form the basis to start one’s career, particularly from a technical standpoint. So then, just how valuable a contribution do photography schools add to your career?   First things first, in the photography world, you certainly don’t need a degree or any formal qualifications to succeed. Many of the top photographers have picked up a camera and built their career from scratch, and ultimately, your ability to succeed will be dependent on your ability, skills, reputation, portfolio, and business acumen.  … | Read the full article

Hot/Cold Timetables

When my children were in Primary School they had what they called hot day timetables or wet day timetables.  These were contingency plans for when the children couldn’t play as normal.  I thought it would be a great idea to explore this option for photographers as I had a comment from a new blogging friend who told me she was getting too depressed from being trapped inside in the extreme weather that the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencing.  I understood it when I got it because I realised that it would be us in Southern Australia being stuck inside trying to stay cool that would be getting depressed because we couldn’t really get out and take photos.   I thought this would be a great time to take a look at what you can do when you can’t get outside to take photos.  There are options, many of them really, not all… | Read the full article

What to Expect from a Photography Course

Some people have a natural ability to take amazing pictures and learn how to use the various functions on a camera, but most people feel more comfortable behind a camera after taking a few lessons or courses.There are so many different photography courses offered, but they could be pricey and you never know if it will provide the foundation you need to get better at taking pictures. Another reason some avoid going to a photography course is that they think they are further behind in experience than those in the class. It is important to remember that photography courses are offered for people of all experience levels – whether you want to be a professional or just like taking pictures as a hobby. Here are a few things you can expect from a photography course: Coursework – Classes or courses vary in time, so you could be in a class that… | Read the full article

Photography Courses in Australia

The birth of digital photography has also given rise to the growth of the photography industry. More and more people have acquired digital cameras and taken to learning photography either as a hobby or as a potential profession. In this regard, photography schools that offer both degree programs and short courses have likewise flourished. In Australia, there is a wide range of photography subjects that beginners and professionals alike my enroll into. These courses offer specialisation areas that range from fashion photography to commercial and industrial art. Some areas also include press photography, medical and architectural photography, wedding and pre-nuptial sessions, as well as portraits. Photography courses in Australia are offered in a multitude of universities, both private and community colleges, as well as private photography institutes. Students are taught modules, the length and content of which depend on the type of courses, that involve various tasks: camera operation, light… | Read the full article

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