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Whilst it’s not quite a complicated as Google’s famous ranking algorithm, we have gone to some effort over time to try to push the best results to the top for potential customers who are searching for a professional photographer. Behind each profile on the site is a score. This score, combined with three other things (location, subscription status & responsiveness… we’ll talk about those later) dictates how high up the search results you’ll be on any given search. This is obviously really important – if you’re a wedding photographer in Adelaide, for example, you want to make sure that your name is in the top few results, or at least on the first page. The biggest factor in this score is your profile completeness. Searchers (potential customers), don’t want to see profiles devoid of images, information and a just a few lines in the description. They want to see a… | Read the full article

Important Changes To Your Account

We have operated for free to the professional photography community for a number of years. Whilst this has been an exciting journey, we have struggled with limited resources to deliver the service and business to you in the manner we wish.We have taken the decision to introduce a new three tier membership level to our clients which offers both free and paid membership. Our paid membership tiers will mean we can justify spending money on delivering quality business your way. We have set the pricing extremely low as we understand in this competitive industry budgets are tight. All existing accounts are currently set to Basic. Full details on exactly what each tier can offer you are available¬†on our website, and you can view a¬†real life example on our site, however a summary and examples are below: Basic Account (Free) All the work you have done to your profile will… | Read the full article

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