Travelling With Your Photography Gear

As a professional photographer, getting around with all your equipment is no easy feat. Once you start to travel for work, or take your gear with you on your travels, this difficulty is only compounded further. Not only do you have to be mindful about packing fragile equipment, but you face constraints surrounding the size and weight of your luggage. However, despite these irritating factors, there are certain things you can do to reduce the inconvenience you face.   What to Take Of course, deciding what to take depends on the exact nature of your trip and whether it is strictly for business, or pleasure as well. With that said, opt for versatility and functionality rather than taking every single piece of equipment in your possession. You’re better served by taking fewer lenses, ideally zoom lenses which are adaptable. What is sometimes overlooked from the packing process is cleaning materials…. | Read the full article

Safety Tips For Seascape Photography


Some years ago, I made a serious error of judgement that could easily have brought my time on this planet to a messy end. I’d gone down to my favourite fishing spot on the tip of a rocky headland and was far more intent on catching dinner than thinking about my safety. Shortly after I arrived, a set of extra large swells rolled in and swamped the rock platform where I stood – the first only wet me up to my knees but I could see the next ones were bigger. There was no time to retreat to higher ground and the second wave picked me up and bounced me across the rocks before dumping me into deep water off the edge of the platform. Through sheer luck, the next wave didn’t pound me back into the rocks, but dragged me seaward where for the next twenty minutes I bobbed… | Read the full article

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