Month: March 2013

How To Photograph Strangers

Fremantle Markets

With the amount of technology at our fingertips, creating a technically correct image is now easier than ever. Creating an image that people can connect with relies upon a whole other set of criteria, and is not so easily achieved. There are many different ways that your images can grab a viewer’s attention and hold it, and one of those is by capturing images of people. An image is another way of communicating a story or message, and using a little bit of human interest is a fantastic way to do so. Of course, it’s a lot simpler to ask a close friend or relative to pose for a photograph. Their trust in you and level of comfort speaks volumes in an image, and can help you to produce a great photograph. But it’s not always possible or appropriate to use people you’re well acquainted with as models. If you’re… | Read the full article