Month: April 2016

Facebook for photographers

Without a doubt Facebook is the number one social media site on the internet. Most people dislike it, but everyone knows you need to be on it, especially if you trying to run a business, and even more so if that is a photography one.   One of the very frustrating aspects of Facebook would be how it works and those algorithms. All of you who now use FB would know exactly what I am talking about. They seem to work in a world of their own and make no sense to most of us.   There are some things that we can do that will help us to use FB effectively.   Page vs profile   The first thing you need to work out is whether to have a fan page or a profile page. According to FB if you are running a business then you must have a… | Read the full article

At What Point Does Creative Photography Become Misleading?

One of the stories we brought to you through our social media channels earlier this year was the case of a modest home in Penshurst NSW, which captured a lot more attention than it bargained for. At first, the thought of a residential home doesn’t sound very controversial, does it? However, the controversy was in the main photo used for the property’s advertising campaign (it was being advertised for sale).   You see, the photo omitted one key feature – or more appropriately, one key eyesore – an enormous water tower located behind the property, which effectively dwarfed it. You would think that such an object would be hard to omit from a shot, given its size and all. As such, the first, and most reasonable, assumption one might make is that the water tower has been photoshopped out of the picture. Source:     What may come as… | Read the full article

What Will it Take to Break a Perception?

Although the year is barely four months old, we’ve already seen a (disappointing) trend amongst several of the stories we’ve brought to you through our social media outlets – namely, a lack of appreciation and respect for the people who build their lives upon their passion for photography. While this is certainly nothing new – after all, since the dawn of time there have been people who try to depreciate a photographer’s skills – one would expect that in today’s age things would be a lot better. Or is that the problem itself? Today’s age is now so heavily oriented on camera phones, affordable point and shoots, and a gross obsession with the selfie, that people have lost their sense of understanding in what it takes to be a photographer. Even more concerning, this is something the media has (implicitly) perpetuated to the wider masses. Take for example, two leading… | Read the full article

I want to be a photographer when I grow up

Leanne Cole - photography

This is something that you hear so many young people say. It is also something you hear a lot of adults saying as well. I get emails from people all the time saying, they have bought a digital camera, they want to learn how to use it and then become a professional photographer. If only it were that easy. This isn’t meant to put you off, but I thought we could look at some of the realities of being a photographer in today’s market. How do you go about it? What you can expect and how hard it can be potentially?   Need to be passionate about wanting to do it   First and foremost, you should learn photography and want to do it because you are passionate about it. People who decide to learn photography just because they think they could make money, may make money from it, but… | Read the full article