Month: June 2016

Do Photography Schools Form a Valuable Contribution to Your Career?

While photography schools have been operating for some time, there’s little doubt their importance continues to divide photographers. On the one hand, there is a firm camp of believers who support the view that the best way to learn photography skills is through hands on experience, as well as plenty of practice – including learning from mistakes. Conversely however, there’s an equally supportive group of photographers who argue schools form the basis to start one’s career, particularly from a technical standpoint. So then, just how valuable a contribution do photography schools add to your career?   First things first, in the photography world, you certainly don’t need a degree or any formal qualifications to succeed. Many of the top photographers have picked up a camera and built their career from scratch, and ultimately, your ability to succeed will be dependent on your ability, skills, reputation, portfolio, and business acumen.  … | Read the full article

How Should You Respond When Clients Ask For Unedited Photos?

During every photographer’s career, it’s inevitable they’ll come across clients who ask for access to all the photos from a shoot – including the raw, unedited photos. The request might often be borne out of nothing more than curiosity – after all, that’s an inherent trait within many – and of course, the decision is always up to the parties involved. However, what should one consider in making such a decision, and ultimately, in the case of declining said request, is there a ‘best practice’ response?   In coming to a decision and responding, one needs to establish what is driving the underlying curiosity of the client. While there’s every chance it is merely curiosity, delving a little bit deeper could help us understand if it involves concerns around: the number of photos provided; the desire for more shots from a certain scene or moment (e.g. the wedding reception); disappointment… | Read the full article