Month: September 2016

What Emphasis Should New Photographers Place on Their Photography Equipment

We often hear from a lot of new or emerging photographers about some of the barriers they face in turning their passion into a sustainable livelihood. At times, this might be because their prospective client is looking for someone with a broader portfolio of work. In other instances, word of mouth marketing or the sheer level of competition might go against the photographer. And then there is the other argument – that they don’t have the best photography equipment to compete against the best.   While the first few of these arguments might hold some merit, the fact of the matter is, the last argument doesn’t keep its head above water. For starters, every other photographer before you, and who has since gone on to make a living out of the profession would have likely contended with equipment that was (technically) limited when they started – compared with their established… | Read the full article

The Blurred Line Between Photos and Illustrations

Just a couple weeks ago, the Australian Institute of Photography announced the winner of its annual photography contest, the Australian Professional Photography Awards. Almost immediately after the decision was broadcast, observers were up in arms, including prolific landscape photographer Ken Duncan.   In particular, Ken took umbrage to the nature of the overall winner’s ‘photos’, which were representative of illustrations. In total, there were 18 category winners, including other photos representing illustrations. It was however, the fact that Lisa Saad’s entry won the award across all categories, which drew ire. While few are questioning the quality of the work in its own right, many have expressed disbelief with what seemingly appears to be a blurred line between photos and illustrations. There is little doubt that work of this nature encourages a great deal of engagement. Its progressive nature provokes the viewer to think, to examine, to question. And on that… | Read the full article

How Important is it to Have Your Own Photographic Style?

One of the articles we shared with our social media followers last week concerned the topic of having your own style of photography. The Australian-based photographer who penned the article made the point that one should pay closer attention to the content they are shooting, as opposed to the visual they’re aiming for. If not, they may lose focus on becoming a great photographer.   While there is enough merit to suggest that a unique style is neither correlated with nor a prerequisite to do well as a photographer, there are certainly beneficial aspects.   For starters, when one enters the photography industry, the difficulties of making a name for yourself and finding regular work become apparent. You’re often forced to compete on price because your experience does not allow you to dictate the degree of control over your business that you would like. One proposition however, is to offer… | Read the full article

Self-doubt in Photography

Few would argue that photography is not a highly competitive industry. From professionals who undercut one another on price, to amateurs flooding social media with photos from their mobile phones, and even clients who decry the value photographers deliver altogether – photography is certainly not an easy way to make a living.   Because of the nature with which the photography industry operates, it’s not uncommon for some photographers to question their choice of profession at a given point in their career. After all, photographers are only human, and it’s certainly normal for people to consider their career choice several times throughout their life. This self-doubt however, while often associated as being a negative trait, is not as disconcerting as it would seem.   For starters, self-doubt is a good means of validating one’s passion and motivation to pursue something. This trait is one that encourages a photographer to reflect… | Read the full article

What Makes a Photo Iconic?

While every year sees an abundance of photos that capture our attention and effectively go ‘viral’, it usually takes something special to leave an enduring impression. This year has been no different, including the use of a certain ‘buzz’ word once reserved for a select choice of photos. That word? Iconic.   Cast your mind a couple months back. The mood in the US state of Louisiana reached boiling point after the police shooting (and subsequent death) of an African-American man, Alton Sterling. The following days saw protestors confront police, and in a moment of brave defiance, Leshia Evans was captured peacefully standing her ground as heavily armed riot police approached.   More recently, Usain Bolt’s mid-race grin was among the standout images of the Olympics, with two photographers shooting the special moment in almost identical shots. And around the same time, the sad and tragic photo depicting a “dazed… | Read the full article